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Yakawlang is a town in Bamyan province. The town was one of the largest cities in the region in the past. However, after the civil war, the city got damaged seriously. The city is still one of the good locations to visit in Bamiyan though. You are going to many beautiful landscapes of the Hindu Kush mountains in the region.

How to Travel Yakawlang

Yakawlang is located west of Bamyan city, it is also very close to heavenly beautiful park Band-e Amir. You can visit this location in several ways. You can have a flight to Bamyan city and hire a taxi driver to lead you to this location. Alternatively, you can have a bus from Bamyan city to this beautiful town. While you are traveling to Yakawlang, we also recommend you visit Band-e Amir location which has very rich natural landscapes.

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Is there Any Accommodation to Stay in Yakawlang?

There is not any good accommodation opportunities to stay in this city. So we recommend you to take a look at alternative opportunities near the city. As I have mentioned above, there is a good natural park nearby where is called Band-e Amir. You will find good accommodation options in that region.

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