Where to Stay in Puli Alam?

Where to Stay in Puli Alam

If you are going to visit Puli Alam in Afghanistan, this guideline is going to help you about where to stay in the city. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know about your ideas and thoughts.

Where to Stay in Puli Alam

There are not too much opportunities to stay in the stay but a few options. We are going to mention about those opportunities on here.


There is only one hotel in the city and there are not too much nearby opportunities. So if you are close to Puli Alam and looking for an hotel, we recommend you to check the only hotel option in the region.

1Logar Hotel

Logar Hotel is located nearby of Kabul-Logar Highway. It is also near of the Alfalah Restaurant in the region. It is the only hotel in the city.

Get More Information on Logar Hotel


We couldn’t detect any house, rooms or apartments in Airbnb for Puli Alam.

Other Accommodation Options

We couldn’t find any individual who is providing accommodation service for foreigners/tourists in the city.

Since there are not too much hotel and other accommodation opportunities in the city, we recommend you to book your room before you arrive to the city. It is going to help you a lot on your stay in the city. If you would like to suggest any hotel or an accommodation service, you can leave a comment below.

If you are playing to stay in the city for a few days, you will want to check attractions and places to visit list for Puli Alam.

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