Where to Stay in Farah?


There are not too many accommodation and hotel options for you in Farah, Afghanistan. If you would like to know where to stay in Farah, you can find some hotels below. We recommend you to contact owners of those hotels to get more information about the rooms.

Where to Stay in Farah?

Unfortunately there are two hotels in Farah and there is not any other accommodations.

1New City Hotel (تالار پذیرایی قصر نوین)

New City Hotel

New City Hall is the most promising hotel of the city. It is located south part of the city and it a bit far from the city centre. According to Google reviews the hotel got 4 stars out of 5. Customer reviews are generally good about the New City Hotel. The only complaint about the hotel was about the electricity problem. If you would like to outside of the city centre, you can think about this option.

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2Date Hotel (هوتل خرما)

Date hotel located in the city center and it’s very close to the most historical place of the city: Farah Citadel. There are many shops nearby. There is a grocery store, Pharmacy, shopping mall and a mosque nearby. If you would like to have your accommodation in city centre, this can be a good option for you.


Unfortunately we couldn’t detect any Airbnb accommodation for you in Farah, Afghanistan. If the situation changes, we are going to create a list for you on here.

Other Accommodation Options in Farah

There is not any other accommodation option for you in the city at the moment. However we are going to update this content with more information if we find out more hotels and places to stay in the city. If you want to suggest any location as hotel, room or apartment, you can contact us or leave a comment below.

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