Top 3 Attractions in Farah, Afghanistan

Things to do in Farah, Afghanistan

Top Attractions in Farah, Afghanistan

Farah is one of the largest cities of Afghanistan and it hosts the most important castle of the country. We are going to mention about top attractions in Farah. If you would like to see natural beauties and historical buildings of the city, please see the “places to go” guideline for the city.

3Carpet store of Haji Obeid Allah

Carpet store of Haji Obeid Allah

Carpet store of Haji Obeid Allah is an interesting place if you are interested with handmade carpets of Afghanistan. Afghans are also very good to make carpets as well as Iranians. You can find multiple good carpets in the store of Haji Obeid Allah.

This carpet store is located in the city center. You can find several good carpets in store with different shapes.

2Nation Restaurant of Farah (رستوران ملت)

Nation Restaurant of Farah

Nation Restaurant is the most popular location to have food in the city. If you would like to taste the Afghan cuisine, you can visit this restaurant. You will also find several good Afghan drinks in this place.

Nation Restaurant is located at the city center. There are also some good shops which are located nearby. You can visit these shops to see some handmade Afghan goods in the city.

1Afghan Fast Food (رستوران و فست فود مائده)

Afghan Fast Food

If you would like to taste the Afghan Fast Food, this location will be the best opportunity for you. You can eat fast food versions of Afghan cuisine in this location. It is quite cheap.

If you would like to add any interesting attractions in Farah, Afghanistan, please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below. You will help tourists who will visit this city with your opinions.

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