Tomb of Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri

Tomb of Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri

Tomb of Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri is very important location for the people who are living in the region. Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri is also one of the most important individuals in the Islam history. He was also scholar of Islam. He has borned in Jaunpur city of India in 1443. Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri has claimed that he is Mahdi (savior) in his visit to Arabia. He has still many followers in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan yet.

It is not known when did the tomb has built. However the resting place of Mohammad Jaunpuri is placed in the same location about 500 years. The tomb is getting many visitors from different countries of the world.

Things you should be careful while you visit the tomb

  • Muslims can be very sensitive in tombs of such important people for their history, so we recommend you to be respectful in this location.
  • We recommend you to get suggestion about the local people about things not to do before visiting the place.
  • Since this is a holy place for most of Muslims, they will want women to wear scarf.
  • We recommend you to not to enter to tomb with your shoes.
  • It will be good if you will visit the location with an Afghan guide.

This will be an interesting experience for you when you visit there. You will see how people pray in the tomb and how they respect to an Islam scholar Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri.

How to Travel Tomb of Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri

The closest city to tomb is Farah in Afghanistan. You will need to visit the city through airlines or buses. There is only Farah-Herat and Herat-Farah line if you would like to visit the city through flying. So you will need to get into the Herat first for reach the city. The tomb is quite far away from the city. We recommend you to hire a taxi to reach there.

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