Tirgari (تیرگاری)

Tirgari (تیرگاری)

Tirgari (also known as تیرگاری in Pashto) is a village in Afghanistan where is very close to Mihtarlam. The population of the village is unknown but it is very popular with picnic areas and beautiful landscapes in the region. If you would like to visit somewhere close to Mihtarlam with beautiful landscapes, you can always prefer to visit this village. It is very close to Baaqe Saraaj. It is one of the good locations to visit in Mihtarlam.

History of the City

There is not any documentation or any other findings related to Tirgari. However, it is one of old locations in the region. There are not many people who are living in this location. You can find some details related to this location from the locals of Mihtarlam.

How to Travel Tirgari

You will need to visit Tirgari through Mihtarlam. You can rent a car from the city or you can find a taxi. Tirgari is not very far away from the city, if you would like to have a good adventure, you can try walking to this location.

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