Things to Do in Burano, Italy: 14 Good Locations & Attractions

A popular Venice island with decorative laces. Find out the best things to do in Burano!

Things to Do in Burano

Burano is one of beautiful islands of Venice. The island is several good places to visit and there are much things to do in this location which you will have fun.

Things to Do in Burano

You can check our things to do in Burano list below if you are planning to have a good vacation in the island.

1Lace Museum

Burano Lace Museum
Lace Museum

Burano Lace is a world-wide famous handmade art. Lace Museum of Burano (Museo del Merletto) is located in south of island. You will find old laces which has made in 15th century in the museum. The museum is located in palace of Podestà of Torcello. You will able to see more than laces in the location. There is also a lace school located near of the museum.

Lace Museum can be a good experience for you since the concept of the location is very different other museums. The building is also a good example of Italian architecture.

Get more information on museum: Burano Lace Museum.

2Tagliapietra Alessandro

Tagliapietra Alessandro
Tagliapietra Alessandro

If you would like to have shopping in a handmade craft store, this will be an awesome location for you. You will find excellent handmade necklaces, rings and accessories in the shop of Tagliapietra Alessandro. The artist is making all these works with Murano glasses.

Murano glasses are very special and they have very colorful looking as same as homes in Burano. The person who is owner of the shop is making excellent works with those glasses and he got many praises from tourists who have visited Burano Island. If you would like to have a souvenir from the island, accessories in this shop will be one of the best opportunities for you.

Get more information on Tagliapietra Alessandro: Tagliapietra Alessandro

3House of Remigio Barbaro

House of Remigio Barbaro
House of Remigio Barbaro

Remigio Barbaro was one of famous artists of Italy with his excellent sculpture works. His house is now a museum and it includes good examples of his works. If you are interested with fine arts, we recommend you to visit this location. You will see many excellent arts of Remigio Barbaro in this home museum. However the home is not opened everytime.

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4Panificio Costantini

Panificio Costantini
Panificio Costantini

If you would like to taste some Venetian cakes, you should certainly visit this cake shop. They are providing various cakes with different taste on Panificio Costantini. They have already got many praises from their clients on several reviews. The location of the shop is just nearby of city center. Prices are a little bit high but it will certainly worth it.

If you want to eat some special cakes in your vacation and taste the Italian bakery, eating in Panificio Costantini is one of best things to do in Burano. So it is located in our list.

5Atelier Martina Vidal

Atelier Martina Vidal
Atelier Martina Vidal

If you would like to see some unique and well designed linen products, you can visit the shop of Atelier Martina Vidal. There are flasghip stores and show rooms of the company in Burano Island. They are providing various linen products for home decor. Martina Vidal is one of famous trademarks in Venezia.

If you love shopping decorative textile products, visiting this location is going to be one of the best things to do in Burano.

6Cappella di Santa Barbara

Cappella di Santa Barbara
Cappella di Santa Barbara

Saint Barbara was one of important saints for both Catholic and Orthodox Churches. After the build of the chapel, his name given to the chapel. Relics of him located in the chapel for a long time. However during the Napoleon invasion, relics have transferred to nearby church San Martino which we also gave information below.

The chapel has build in 9th century and it is still standing at the center of the island. During centuries it has re-constructed and it has also restored many times. When you see the chapel, it will be hard for you to find the entrance. You can ask a local about the entrance to get a guidance.

7Leaning Tower

Leaning Tower

Leaning Tower of Burano is also one of those famous buildings in the city. However the tower located near of San Martino. You will able to see the tower there. The tower has built in the 16th century. It is also known as the bell tower in the city. The height of the tower is about 53 meters at the moment.

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8Trattoria Al Gatto Nero

Trattoria Al Gatto Nero
Trattoria Al Gatto Nero

One of the most important income opportunities for Burano locals is fishing. Fish dishes of the island is also very popular as well. If you would like to taste fish in a Venice restaurant, Trattoria Al Gatto Nero is the location for you.

The restaurant has built around 1950s. You will find many different Italian sea foods in the location. Alternatively you can also order soaps, spaghettis, salads, vegetables and cheeses from Italian cuisine in this location.

9Laces by Olga

Laces by Olga
Laces by Olga

As we have told you, Burano laces are very popular in world wide. If you are interested with laces, this location will be an awesome destination for you. You will able to find good examples of laces in the shop of Olga (Merletti dalla Olga).

You will find many good and decorative designs in this locations. There are products in different price ranges. You will also find lace products which will be decorative for your home and office in the shop of Olga.

10San Martino Church

San Martino Church

San Martino is another beautiful historical churches of Burano Island. You will able to find signs of 16th century Roman Catholic architecture in the building. The building also contains a reliquary. Relics of Santa Barbara are preserved in this location.

11Things to do in Burano: Colorful Burano Houses

Colorful Houses of Burano
Colorful Burano Houses

If you would like to take pictures with a good background, Burano Houses are going to provide it to you. There are many colorful houses in the small island. Every houses have different colors in the island. So you will lots of positive energy while you are taking tour in the island. You will enjoy it while you are sharing pictures of you on social networking accounts.

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12Sara Senigaglia

Sara Senigaglia

Sara Senigaglia is a shop in the island where you can purchase handmade arts. Generally accessories has made with gold and glasses. There are many good reviews about shop owner Sara at the moment and all clients of her love the art she has done for them. We also recommend you to visit shop of Sara to see excellent pieces of her work. Visiting the Sara’s shop will be another best thing to do in Burano, if you will have a vacation in this island.

13Centro Studi Torcellani

Things to do in Burano: Centro Studi Torcellani

Centro Studi Torcellani is a quite place where is located north west of the island. You can sit on the benches and enjoy the landscape of boats and sea. You will see lots of fishermen’s houses in this location and it is also good place for walking in Burano. If you would like to visit a peaceful location in the island, this place is going to be perfect for you. Centro Studi Torcellani is also a historical place in the island which is existing for centuries. However there are not shops or places to go nearby of the location. Since the island is very small this is not very important though.

14Things to do in Burano: Tour Organizations

Tour Organizations
Tour Organizations

There are also tour organizations that you can join in the island. You can visit nearby islands with those tours. Such as Murano, Torcello, etc. You can find a few companies in the island which are organizing tours and different attractions in Venice. These will be also a good opportunity for you to visit those tour companies. We will also provide more information on Burano Tours on Colombius.

If you would like to see the best accommodation opportunities in the island, you can see our best hotels rankings.

We have told you the best things to do in Burano. We will update the page as we have explored the more interesting places in the island.


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