Tagliapietra Alessandro

Tagliapietra Alessandro shop in Burano

Tagliapietra Alessandro is a jewelry shop in Burano, Italy. The shop had the same name with the crafter. You can find jewelries and accessories which has made from Murano glasses in the shop. If you would like to have a souvenir from Burano or Murano, visiting this shop is going to be one of the best things to do in Burano. Alessandro is doing this business about 20 years and he is quite a professional with his decorative necklace designs.

Murano Glasses

Murano is another island of Venice as same as Burano. The glass of the island is very famous because glassmaking is one of the main income opportunity of the island since 13th century. Decorative designs and being a part of history made the Murano glass popular whole in the world. You can see signs of Murano glasses in palaces of every past empires of Europe, including the Byzantine, Rome, German, French and Ottoman Empires. Those beautiful decorative pieces are generally used in the home decoration and accessories. Murano glasses has also created beautiful connections between those empires in the history.

In 16th century, Venice Doge sent tulips to Ottoman emperor as a gift. However tulips were made from Murano glasses. The emperor loved the gift of doge. In return, Ottoman emperor lift a ban of exporting tulip seeds to abroad and he also sent some tulip seeds to Venice Doge despite of both countries were at war.

Tagliapietra Alessandro is crafting beautiful necklaces with Murano glasses. Additionally there are also home decors too. We recommend you to check his collections in the shop if you ever planning to visit Burano.

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You can find many good examples of his works in the official website of the company. You can click on the link picture below to see all collections. If you would like see more of his works, we recommend you to visit the shop. You will see many good Murano glass accessories in the shop.

Tagliapietra Alessandro Necklace from Murano Glass
One of Tagliapietra Alessandro’s works with Murano glass. The picture taken from official website.

Location in Burano

The shop is located at south east of the island where is close to Parrocchia di San Martino Vescovo and La Dogaressa.