Tagliapietra Alessandro

Tagliapietra Alessandro shop in Burano

Tagliapietra Alessandro is a famous glassblower and artist in the city of Burano, known for his colorful and intricate glass creations. He comes from a family of glassblowers and has been practicing the craft since he was a child. His workshop and store are located on the main street of Burano, where visitors can watch him and his team create stunning pieces of glass art.

Tagliapietra Alessandro’s glass creations range from small trinkets and souvenirs to large-scale installations and sculptures. He uses traditional glassblowing techniques to create his pieces, such as blowing, shaping, and cutting the molten glass. His style is characterized by bold, vibrant colors and intricate patterns, often inspired by nature and the Venetian lagoon.

In addition to his glass creations, Tagliapietra Alessandro also offers workshops and classes where visitors can learn the art of glassblowing and create their own pieces under his guidance. His workshop and store are open to visitors daily, and he welcomes questions and conversations about his craft.

Tagliapietra Alessandro’s workshop and store are a must-visit for anyone interested in the art of glassblowing and seeking a unique and authentic souvenir from their visit to Burano.

If you would like to have a souvenir from Burano or Murano, visiting this shop is going to be one of the best things to do in Burano. Alessandro is doing this business for about 20 years and he is quite a professional with his decorative necklace designs.

Murano Glasses

Murano is another island in the Venice archipelago, just like Burano. The glass produced on the island is world-renowned, with glassmaking being one of the main sources of income since the 13th century. The intricate designs and historical significance of Murano glass have made it famous worldwide. You can find examples of Murano glass in the palaces of past European empires, including the Byzantine, Roman, German, French, and Ottoman Empires. These stunning pieces are commonly used for home decoration and accessories. Murano glass has also served as a beautiful link between these empires throughout history.

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During the 16th century, the Doge of Venice presented the Ottoman emperor with tulips made of Murano glass as a gift. The emperor was enamored with the present and, in appreciation, lifted the ban on exporting tulip seeds abroad. Despite the ongoing conflict between the two countries, the Ottoman emperor even sent tulip seeds to the Doge of Venice as a token of goodwill.

Tagliapietra Alessandro crafts exquisite necklaces using Murano glass, as well as stunning home d├ęcor pieces. We highly recommend checking out his collections in the shop if you’re ever planning a visit to Burano.

You can find many great examples of Tagliapietra Alessandro’s work on the company’s official website. Click on the link below to see their full collection. However, if you would like to see more of his stunning creations, we recommend visiting the shop. Inside, you will find a variety of beautiful Murano glass accessories that are sure to catch your eye.

Tagliapietra Alessandro Necklace from Murano Glass
One of Tagliapietra Alessandro’s works with Murano glass. The picture taken from official website.

Location in Burano

The shop is located at southeast of the island and is close to Parrocchia di San Martino Vescovo and La Dogaressa.