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Shahr-e Gholghola was one of the largest cities of Afghanistan in 13th century. The city name means City of Screams in English. Scientists are thinking that this name given to to the city after the conquest and demolition of the city by Genghis Khan. Golghola city was one of those cities who has resisted against Mongol invasion.

This is one of those good locations to visit in Bamiyan if you are planning to travel this city.

History of Shahr-e Gholghola

Afghanistan history is very related with old Turkic dynasties. Shahr-e Gholghola was already controlled by Turks since 8th century. During 8th century – 13th century 5 different Turkic dynasty has controlled the city. In 13th century, Turkic Khwarazmian dynasty was controlling the region. Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu was leading the dynasty and he has fought against Mongol invasion successfully in the first times. He has managed to beat Mongolian army and killed grandson of Genghis Khan in the battle of Parwan.

After the lost of the battle, Genghis Khan took control of the army. One of his targets was Shahr-e Gholghola after he defeated Jalal ad-Din Shah in Battle of Indus. Mongolian army laid siege to the city for months. It was one of the longest siege of Genghis Khan. After months later, he conquered to city. He destroyed all buildings and walls of the city after the conquest.

Genghis Khan already attacked Buddhas of Bamiyan but he failed to destroy it.

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How to Travel Shahr-e Gholghola

Shahr-e Gholghola is located in city center of Bamyan city. Since the city is very popular tourist destination, it is very easy to access this area. There is also an airport of Bamyan city which you can travel through planes from almost all large cities of Afghanistan. Since it is in the city center, it won’t be hard for you to arrive to ruins. We recommend you to hire a guide for yourself if you would like to see ruins and other beauties of the city. There is also another ruins nearby Bamyan which is called as Shahr-e Zuhak. You will want to visit there too.

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