Top Places to Visit in Sheberghan


Sheberghan is another beautiful city of Afghanistan where is located north of the country. There are many beautiful buildings and locations to visit in the city. If you are going to visit to the city, you will find our recommendations here. If you would like to suggest any location in Sheberghan, please feel free to comment this page.

Top Places to Visit in Sheberghan

Sheberghan is one large cities of the country. These are some recommended places to see in the city.

Afghan Turk Masjid

Afghan Turk Masjid-Mosque

Turks and Afghan nations lived side by side for centuries in Asia. Thus, there is a good friendship between both nations. There are still many Turkomans who are living in the country. Afghan Turk Masjid has been built by the help of Turkish people who are living in Turkey. This is making this mosque special by the local people of Afghanistan. The other important thing about the mosque, it is very different than other mosques architecturally. Since it has been made by Turkish engineers and workers, you can easily see Turk-Islam architecture in the mosque. For recalling the Afghan-Turk friendship, the mosque named as Afghan Turk Masjid. The masjid is located at the city center now.

You can see more options about Sheberghan at incoming days. If you have any location suggestions, please let us know. We are going to answer your requests and questions as soon as possible.

How to Travel Sheberghan

You can travel Sheberghan through bus or taxis or you can hire a driver for yourself for a safe journey. If you are too far away from the city, you can fly to Mazari Sharif and you can go to the city trough a transportation. We recommend you to have an Afghan guide before you visit to the city.

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There are also many hotel options in Sheberghan which you can stay…