Top 5 Places to Visit in Puli Alam

Puli Alam is a small city of Afghanistan in Logar Province.

Top Places to Visit in Puli Alam

Puli Alam (also known as Pol-e Alam and Pul-i Alam) is a small city of Afghanistan where is located eastern side of the country. It is also located in the Logar Province of the country.

Top Places to Visit in Puli Alam

Unfortunately there is not too much places to visit in Puli Alam despite of being the capital of Logar Province. However you can let us know about your suggestions via commenting this page.

5Kuh-e Soltan Saheb

Kuh-e Soltan Saheb

Kuh-e Soltan Saheb is located north of Puli Alam and it is about 50 km away from the city center. Kuh-e Soltan Saheb is a place which will provide awesome landscapes for you. It is a mountain peak with beautiful waterfalls. This is a must see location in Afghanistan if you love the nature.

Kuh-e Soltan Saheb

4Baraki Barak

Baraki Barak
Baraki Barak

Baraki Barak is another beautiful place that you can visit if you like natural areas. There is beautiful river nearby of the trees. Baraki Barak is 16 mins away from the Pol-e Alam with car. So that won’t be too much problem for you to visit the area by taxi.

Baraki Barak

3Ibrahim Khel Mosque

Ibrahim Khel Mosque is located north of the city. It is also another popular historical building in city.

If you like historical buildings, there are not much options for you in the city. However there are a few mosques in the city. They are the most historical locations in the area. Ibrahim Khel mosque is one of those locations. You can visit the mosque to the north exit of the town.

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2Logar Volayat Mosque

Logar Volayat Mosque

Logar Volayat Mosque is one of the most popular buildings in the city. It is also the historical one. If you would like to see historical locations in city, you can think about visiting this Mosque. It is located in the city centre. It is also one of the most popular landmarks of the city.

The mosque is the oldest building of the city. You will not need to pay to visit this location.

Logar Volayat Mosque

1Public Park of Puli Alam

Public Park of Puli Alam

The Public Park of the city is also another good destination for you if you would like to have a rest in the city. There are several trees in the location. The park is located between Kabul-Gardez and Kabul-Logar highways.

The Public Park of Pul-e Alam is a recreational area located in the capital city of Logar Province, Afghanistan. The park is situated near the Pul-e Alam bazaar and covers an area of approximately 10 acres. It was constructed in 2013 as part of an effort to provide a safe and green space for the residents of Pul-e Alam.

The park features a large green space with trees, flowers, and benches for visitors to sit and relax. There is also a playground area for children, as well as a small fountain and a stage for public events. The park is a popular destination for families and residents looking for a peaceful outdoor space.

The park is maintained by the local government and is open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset. It is a symbol of hope and progress for the people of Pul-e Alam and has become an important part of the city’s social fabric.

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The public park is located north side of the town. If you would like to sit in a location and have some rest, this location is good for you. It is also very close to Logar Hotel which is only accommodation option of the city.

How to Travel to Puli Alam from Kabul

To travel to Pul-e Alam from Kabul, you can take a taxi, private car, or bus. The journey takes around 2-3 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

If you prefer to take a taxi, there are many taxi stands in Kabul where you can hire a taxi for the journey. It is important to negotiate the fare with the driver beforehand and make sure you agree on a fair price.

Alternatively, you can hire a private car or driver to take you to Pul-e Alam. This can be arranged through a travel agency or rental car company.

There are also several bus companies that operate between Kabul and Pul-e Alam. The buses are usually crowded and not very comfortable, but they are an affordable option. You can purchase tickets at the bus station or through a travel agency.

Recommend Historical Locations and Landscapes of Pul-i Alam to Us

If you are planning to visit the Pul-i Alam, we recommend you to visit those places. If you are looking for entertainment and shopping in the city, you will need to check our top attractions list.

You can leave a comment below to give more information to visitors of Puli Alam. You can also suggest locations to visit in the city and ask questions about this destination!

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