Top 4 Places to Visit in Mihtarlam, Afghanistan


Mihtarlam is a famous city of Afghanistan with beautiful gardens. However there are not much places to go in the city other than natural beauties in the area. We are going to introduce the city for you and mention about the best places to visit in Mihtarlam.

Places to Visit in Mihtarlam

There are generally beautiful gardens of Mihtarlam if you would like to visit the city as a tourists. You can visit those beautiful gardens in the area and enjoy the landscape of the nature.

1Baaqe Saraaj (باغ سراج)

Baaqe Saraaj (باغ سراج)

Baaqe Saraaj is a nice garden which has very beautiful landscape. It is located near a river and it is surrounded with thousands of trees. The garden is located at the entrance of the city. Local and international tourists are visiting this place to see beautiful landscape of Mihtarlam. This place also has historical buildings inside. Such as mosque and old homes.

2Tirgari (تیرگاری)

Tirgari is a village where is nearby Mihtarlam with beautiful gardens as well. You will find natural landscapes in this location near the river.

3Alishing River Shores in Mihtarlam

Alishing River shores has one of the best fertile grounds in the country. Thus there are many good landscapes near the river and countless good landscapes. We recommend you to take a visit near of the Alishing River and nearby villages. You will see many good nature beauties in the area.

4Nuristan Forest

Nuristan Forest

Nuristan Forest is 32 km away from Mihtarlam and there is not any other location in the forest which is close to the city. If you would like to visit the forest, you can hire a driver or a taxi from the city and visit the forest. There are many beautiful landscapes on Nuristan Forest which you will enjoy to see.

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How to Travel Mihtarlam

Mihtarlam is not far away from Jalalabad. You can fly to Jalalabad from any cities of Afghanistan and you can travel Mihtarlam through bus or a taxi. We recommend you to be careful about the places to stay in city though. It is because there is not too much hotels in the city. So you may need to return to Jalalabad after your visit to the city. Please see: Hotels Near Mihtarlam, Afghanistan


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