Top 5 Places to Visit in Ghazni


Ghazni is a city of Afghanistan where is also known as Ghazna in the past. The name of the city is coming from a Turkish dynasty that is called Ghaznavids. The population of the city is more than 250.000.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Ghazni

I am going to introduce top 5 places to visit in Ghazni in this article. We will introduce these locations and tell you the best destinations for tourism. If you would like to add anything else to this list, please leave a comment below.



Ghazni is one of ancient cities of Afghanistan. Citadel of Ghazni is a place that you should certainly see in this location. Unlike Bamiyan, If you would like to have a vacation in this area, you are not going to find many good locations to visit. However you can still find some opportunities to visit in the whole province. If you would like to stay in the city, you will find some good hotels in the city center.

2Naw Abad

naw abad

Naw Abad is a location where is located northwest of city center. You can visit this location through walking since it is very close to city center of Ghazni. There are many interesting buildings that you can visit in this location.

3Sangi Masha

Sangi Masha

Sangi Masha is one of the most beautiful locations in the province. You will see beautiful landscapes here and it is a perfect place for photographers. If you would like to have beautiful pictures from the province, that will be a good place for you. Sangi Masha has no hotel options at the moment.

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Gelan is located in mountainous region of Afghanistan. You will find good photography opportunities because of beautiful mountain landscapes in here. However Gelan doesn’t have any accommodation options for local and foreign tourists. So while you are visiting this location, we recommend you to find hotels or daily rentals before your arrival. Otherwise you are going to have hard times.

5Qara Bagh

Qara Bagh

Qara Bagh is another beautiful location of the city where you can find lots of beautiful landscapes. There is a beautiful valley near the city and there is a good mountainous region nearby. This will be another perfect place to take pictures for you, if you visit this area.

How to Travel Ghazni

Ghazni is 3 hours away to Kabul with driving. You can easily find a bus to city from Kabul to travel. If you are planning to visit this city, that will be best to fly Kabul first and find a car rental in Kabul. Then you will able to drive to this location. Alternatively, you can find a taxi driver.


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