Top 4 Places to Visit in Farah, Afghanistan

Places to Visit in Farah

Farah is one of the historical cities of Afghanistan and there is an important castle of the country in the city. Unlike Puli Alam, there is an airport in the city which will help you about the transportation between other cities of the country. The city is also the capital of Farah province. You can find top places to visit in Farah in this page.

Places to Visit in Farah

You can find some of our recommendations below if you will ever visit the city. If you know good places to visit in Farah, please let us know through commenting the page.

4Farah River Shores

Farah River Shores

Farah River is located just near of the city and it has a good landscape. We recommend you to visit Farah River shores to see some natural beauties of the city.

3Ahmad Shah Baba Park (also known as د احمد شاه بابا پارک)

Ahmad Shah Baba Park

Ahmed Shah Baba Park is including a huge pond inside and several trees. Most of residents of the city visit the park to have a good time. With different kind of trees and flowers, the park has a botanic park spirit inside. If you are planning to stay in Farah for a few days, this can be a good resting place for you.

You will also able to see a few cute ducks in the pond. There are also old buildings which are surrounding the park.

2Tomb of Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri

Tomb of Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri

Tomb of Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri is located near of Farah. He was one of important individuals of the Islamic world. His historical tomb located in Farah since 15th century. Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri has claimed that he is Imam Mahdi… His tomb is getting several visitors everyday from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

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Important Note: If you are not Muslim and if you will visit this location, we recommend you to ask locals how to visit this place. This depends on the location but Muslims generally doesn’t allow women to visit tombs without scarf, they don’t allow people to enter tombs with shoes.

Get more information on Tomb

1Farah Citadel

Farah Citadel

Farah Citadel is not only important historical building of the city, it is also important building of Afghanistan. The citadel aged more than 2500 years and it is also one of those castles which has been conquered by Alexander the Great, thus it is also know as the Citadel of Alexander the Great. If you will visit Afghanistan and if you would like to see a few historical places, this is a must see place of the country.

The citadel damaged much because of recent wars in Afghanistan. However the current government is working on restore the historical building now.

Get more information on Farah Citadel

How to Travel Farah, Afghanistan?

You can travel Farah with several ways. Especially airport in the city will help you to make your travelling easy. There are flights between Farah and Herat at the moment. You can also use the airways from Herat to any airport of the country.

If you don’t like flights, you can prefer to visit the city through buses. Bus transportation is the most popular travel way of the locals in the country. So you can find bus to Farah from any city of Afghanistan.

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If you have any suggestions for our places to visit in Farah list, please leave a comment! You can also see our top attractions list for Farah to get information where to eat and where to shop in the city.


  1. Farah Citadel was a little bit disappointment for my part. It is certainly one of the oldest castles of Asia. However they haven’t done anyhing to restore/rebuild the castle. I believe Afghan governors should care about historical buildings. There are already a few of them in Afghanistan…

  2. Going to Visit Afganistan next week as I don’t know much about it so I was looking for a blog to know the best things to there thanks for this information. As Know I know What to do there.


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