Top 4 Places to Visit in Balkh

Ancient city of Afghanistan.


Balkh is one of the oldest cities of Afghanistan and there are too many historical buildings in the locations that standing still in the area. We will mention about top places to visit in Balkh in this list for you.

The city was very important for both Turkish and Afghan history. It has been capital of Turkish Kingdoms and Khaganates several times. Balkh was also very important for Turkish Khaganate Ghaznavids between 10th and 12th centuries. It was also an important trade center in the reign of Timur Khan.

Places to Visit in Balkh

There are several good locations to visit in Balkh. These locations are our faves in the list and we hope that you like it.

4Green Mosque (Shrine of Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa)

Green Mosque (Shrine of Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa)

Green Mosque is one of the most historical buildings in the city center. The most has built in the last quarter of 1500’s. Shrine of Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa and green mosque are located in the same building. Both buildings has been built after the death of Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa who is spiritual leader of one of Islam orders. (With the order of Timurid ruler Sultan Husayn Bayqara Mirza in 1598.)

3Mosque of Nine Cupolas

Haji Piyada Mosque - Mosque of Nine Cupolas

Mosque of Nine Cupolas is another historical building which has built by Turks in 8th century after their acceptance of Islam. The mosque has built in Abbasid Dynasty era. Today the mosque is damaged seriously but there are still too much signs of Islam in the columns and walls of the building. There are still too many things to see.

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2Ancient Balkh City (Archaeological Site)

Ancient Balkh

Modern Balkh city has been moved out of walls and located south of the ancient city for ages ago. Ancient Balkh city is an archaeological site at the moment and there are many scientists are working there to reveal the history of the city. Balkh is certainly oldest city of the country. It is one of good places to visit in Balkh.

1Public Garden

Public Garden of Balkh

Public Garden of the city is located in the city center near of Green Mosque. If you would like to relax in your vacations, the garden will be a good destination for you. You are going to watch a beautiful landscapes there. There is not an entrance fee for entering the garden.

How to Travel Balkh

The city is located a few kilometers away to Mazari Sharif. If you are having your vacation too far away from Balkh, you can fly to Mazari Sharif and visit Balkh through buses, rent a car or hiring a driver…

We have told you the best places to visit in Balkh in this page. If you have any suggestions, please don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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