Nuristan Forest

Nuristan Forest National Reserve 8

Nuristan Forest is the largest nature preserve in Central Asia and Afghanistan. The forest starts from the west of Kabul and it ends at the border of Pakistan. It determines the Afghanistan-Pakistan borders in the east of the country. There are also multiple locations in this forest where Afghan locals living. Pasenta, Nilaw, Nangalam, Parun, Kamdesh, Arandu, Naray, Sao and Kunar are popular locations of the forest. Parun is already the capital city of the location. Approximately 140.000 people are living in the forestal cities, towns, and villages of Nurestan.

History of Nuristan Forest

Locals of Nurestan was believing in Animism about 2 centuries ago and since believes of the people, this location has called as “land of infidels” by Afghans for ages. However, after 19th-century Afghan governors forced local people to change religion. Some of the inhabitants of the location preferred to flee from Afghanistan to India. Then it is started to cal as “Nuristan” (Nurestan) which means “land of light”. There are 6 different languages which are spoken by Nuristani individuals at the moment. There are also 6 different tribes that preferred to believe in Islam and stayed in the location.

Recently Nuristan Forest damaged because of political conflicts between the United States and the ex-regime of the country. However, the forest is still standing strong on the east side of the country. Since the location is mountainous and rugged, it was preferred for guerilla wars.

The forest is also known as Nuristan Province, Nurestan and Nooristan.

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Where is Nuristan Forest?

Nuristan Forest is located to the east Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The beauty of the landscapes is adorable and it is certainly in the must-see location list of Afghanistan. Reaching to the location through an airplane is impossible. However, you can reach a nearby city through a plane. The largest known cities which are close to the forest: Mihtarlam, Jalalabad, and Asadabad. Unfortunately only Jalalabad has an airport.

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How to Travel Nurestan Forest National Reserves?

There are a few ways to travel to this location. Firstly you can fly to Jalalabad and then go to Mihtarlam or Ashabad or Asmar through a car, rented car or taxi. You will need to visit different locations in Noorestan after you visited those cities. It won’t be possible to reach the forest from the north side of it. However, the south side of the forest will be wise to visit this location. You will only able to visit the forest through the highway.

If you are going to visit Nuristan Forest, you can feel free to ask any questions about this location. I will try to help you as a citizen of Afghanistan.




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