Logar Volayat Mosque

Logar Volayat Mosque

Logar Volayat Mosque is located in Puli Alam (also known as Pol-e Alam) and it is a historical and religious location for muslim. The mosque is the largest building of the city. If you would like to visit historical places of the Logar province of Afghanistan, this destination can be one of good locations for you.

Logar Volayat Mosque is located in the city center. We recommend you to take permission to visit the mosque from the governments of the city before you arrive at the location. The mosque is located near the Kabul-Logar Highway.

Pul-e Alam Mosque is a historic mosque located in Pul-e Alam, the capital city of Logar Province in Afghanistan. The mosque is believed to have been built in the 15th century during the reign of the Timurid dynasty. It is known for its unique architectural design and intricate tile work, which is typical of the Timurid style.

The mosque features a large central dome surrounded by smaller domes, and its facade is adorned with colorful tile work and intricate calligraphy. The minaret of the mosque stands tall and proud, with intricate geometric patterns decorating its surface.

The interior of the mosque is equally impressive, with a spacious prayer hall that is capable of accommodating a large number of worshippers. The walls of the prayer hall are adorned with intricate tile work and calligraphy, and the ceilings feature stunning geometric patterns.

Pul-e Alam Mosque has been renovated and restored several times over the years, most recently in the early 2000s. Despite its age, the mosque remains an important religious and cultural landmark in the region, attracting visitors from all over the world.

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Visitors to Pul-e Alam Mosque can expect to be amazed by the intricate beauty of its design and the historical significance of its existence. The mosque is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Afghanistan and the skill of the craftsmen who built it centuries ago.

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