Logar Volayat Mosque

Logar Volayat Mosque

Logar Volayat Mosque is located in Puli Alam (also known as Pol-e Alam) and it is a historical and religious location for muslim. The mosque is the largest building of the city. If you would like to visit historical places of the Logar province of Afghanistan, this destination can be one of good locations for you.

Logar Volayat Mosque is located in the city center. We recommend you to take permission for visit the mosque from governments of the city before you arrive the location. The mosque is located near of the Kabul-Logar Highway.

Unfortunately there is not too much story or historical incident for the mosque yet. However you can still hear some interesting stuff about the mosque from the locals of the city.

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Address Website Phone Number
Kabul-Logar Highway None Unknown

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