Logar Hotel

The only hotel of Puli Alam

Logar Hotel

Logar Hotel is the only accommodation option of Puli Alam at the moment. There are some good reviews of Google users about the hotel. We recommend you to book your room before you arrive to the town since there is not any other option.

The hotel is located near of the Kabul – Logar Highway in the town. There are good examples of Afghan cuisines in the hotel. Besides there is a wide saloon that you can rest and have a good time in the hotel.

If you have any experience about the hotel please let us know through commenting this page and improve this article about the Logar Hotel in Puli Alam.

The hotel is near of Public Park, bank branches and Alfalah Restaurant.

Address Book Phone Number
Kabul-Logar Highway None Unknown

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  1. It wasn’t a bad hotel at all. To be honest, since it was the only hotel in the town, I was expecting worse. However they were very clean and they were very kind. Thanks!


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