Farah Citadel (Citadel of Alexander)

2500 year old citadel in one square kilometer with 50 feet walls...

Farah Citadel

Farah Citadel is also known as Citadel of Alexander and Citadel of Farah. One of the oldest buildings of the country and the region. The citadel has been used even in the wars recently. So it has damaged because of the problems in the region.

History of Farah Citadel

Farah Citadel was built around 300 BC and it is commonly believed that the citadel was constructed by the Macedonian king, Alexander the Great. However, there are other theories suggesting that the castle was already built prior to Alexander’s invasion, around 500 BC. Regardless of its exact origin, the citadel is one of the oldest structures in the country. The walls of the citadel stand approximately 50 feet tall and it spans over an area of one square kilometer. The castle has undergone several repairs, reconstructions, and restorations throughout its history, making its exact age difficult for historians to determine. Despite being a target in many recent wars in Afghanistan, the castle still stands strong on the edge of the city of Farah.

Farah Citadel, also known as Farah Overlook or Farah Fortress, is an ancient fortress located in the western province of Afghanistan, Farah. The citadel was built during the reign of Alexander the Great and is believed to be more than 2,000 years old. It is one of the largest and oldest fortresses in Afghanistan, covering an area of approximately 30 hectares.

The fortress has a strategic location on a high hill, overlooking the city of Farah and the surrounding areas. It was built to protect the city from enemy attacks and served as a military base for various armies throughout history. The citadel has been the site of many battles and conflicts over the centuries.

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The Farah Citadel consists of several sections, including a palace, a mosque, a prison, and a military barracks. The palace section is the most impressive part of the citadel, with its high walls, towers, and large entrance gate. The palace was the residence of the local rulers and served as the administrative center of the province.

The mosque section of the citadel is also significant, with its well-preserved minaret and prayer hall. The prison section, on the other hand, is a stark reminder of the citadel’s violent history. It is said that many prisoners were held in the fortress and were subjected to brutal treatment.

The Farah Citadel has undergone several restorations over the years, but much of the citadel remains in ruins. In recent years, the Afghan government and international organizations have shown interest in preserving the citadel and turning it into a tourist attraction. However, due to the security situation in the region, tourism development has been slow.

Despite the challenges, the Farah Citadel remains a testament to Afghanistan’s rich cultural and historical heritage. It is a symbol of the country’s resilience and the enduring legacy of its ancient civilizations. As efforts to preserve and promote Afghanistan’s cultural sites continue, the Farah Citadel will continue to inspire awe and wonder among visitors from around the world.

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Farah Citadel Today

From the walls of Farah Citadel, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city. Nowadays, many Afghans visit the site for picnics and entertainment. However, due to the recent wars in the country, the citadel is in urgent need of restoration. Despite the conflicts that have plagued Afghanistan, the citadel has been a safe haven for the Afghan people during wartime. Unfortunately, it has not undergone any significant repairs for years or even centuries. Recently, the Afghan government has decided to restore and repair the citadel to preserve its historical significance.

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How to Travel

To travel to Farah Citadel from Kabul, you can take a flight to the Farah airport, which is the closest airport to the citadel. Alternatively, you can take a bus or drive from Kabul to Farah city, which takes approximately 10 hours. From Farah city, you can hire a taxi or private car to reach the citadel. It is also possible to take a public bus or shared taxi to the citadel, but it may not be as comfortable as hiring a private car. It is recommended to check with local travel agencies or tourism boards for the latest travel information and updates on the security situation in the area.

Farah Citadel (Citadel of Alexander)
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