Farah Citadel (Citadel of Alexander)

2500 year old citadel in one square kilometer with 50 feet walls...

Farah Citadel

Farah Citadel is also known as Citadel of Alexander and Citadel of Farah. One of the oldest buildings of the country and the region. The citadel has been used even in the wars recently. So it has damaged because of the problems in the region.

History of Farah Citadel

Farah Citadel has built about B.C. 300 and there is a general thought that the citadel has been built by Macedonian king Alexander the Great. Other thoughts about the castle that it was already built before the Alexander’s invasion. It was approximately in B.C. 500. Whether it was built in B.C. 300 or 500, the citadel is one of the oldest buildings of the country. The height of the citadel walls is about 50 feet and it has been built in one square kilometer. Citadel has been repaired, re-constructed and restored several times in the history. This makes building built time uncertain for historians. Despite of being target in many recent wars in Afghanistan, the castle still stand strong at the edge of the Farah city.

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Farah Citadel Today

You will able to see whole Farah City from the walls of the citadel. Many Afghans are visiting the location for picnic and other entertainment purposes nowadays. Citadel needs a serious restoration due to recent wars in the country. This location has been always safe place for Afghan people on war times. The citadel didn’t repaired for years and even centuries. Afghan governments decided to restore and repair the citadel recently.

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How to Travel

You will need to travel to Farah city to reach to the citadel. There are two different ways to go to the city. You can use airport or you can use buses. If you are planning to use the airport, you will need to fly to Herat first and then Farah. You can find bus to Farah from any Afghan cities. When you arrive to the city, please use a taxi from airport or bus stop to reach the citadel.


  1. I like the citadel but people should be educated to protect it instead of ruin it. Thank you for the nice guideline Belal.


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