Tagliapietra Alessandro shop in Burano

Tagliapietra Alessandro

Tagliapietra Alessandro is a famous glassblower and artist in the city of Burano, known for his colorful and intricate glass creations. He comes from a family of glassblowers and has been practicing the craft...
Burano Lace Museum was a Lace School.

Burano Lace Museum

Lace is one of the most significant products of the island, and there are many shops in the city that sell these items. The Burano Lace Museum, also known as Museo del Merletto, is...
Things to Do in Burano

Things to Do in Burano, Italy: 14 Good Locations & Attractions

Burano is one of beautiful islands of Venice. The island is several good places to visit and there are much things to do in this location which you will have fun. Things to Do in...

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