Burano Restaurants: Top 6 Locations for Breakfast and Dinner

Best Burano restaurants with special foods and Venetian Cuisine.


If you are having vacations in Venice islands, you should certainly taste breakfast and dinner on those locations. One of your destinations is going to be Burano for you and if you will stay in this location for sometime, you will need to know about Burano Restaurants.

Important: Before we started to write restaurants here, we would like to give an important information to you. We have seen that a few tourists faced with similar situation in the Burano and some locations of Italy during our travel. We recommend you to not to enter any Italian restaurants with foods or drinks if you haven’t purchased those from that location. That will be quite rude against the owner of shop owner. So they will take your behavior as offensive. (It is also same for many other countries of Mediterranean. Such as Greece, Albania and Turkey.)

Top Burano Restaurants

There are many good restaurants of in Burano and we have been many of them. We hope that you are going to like our destinations for your breakfasts and dinners in the island.

Trattoria da Romano (One of Good Burano Restaurants for Dinner.)

Burano Restaurants: Trattoria da Romano
Trattoria da Romano

Trattoria da Romano is another good place for dinner. It is also one Burano restaurants that you should visit in the island. You will see a good selection of Venetian cuisine in their menu. It is a little bit pricey as same as other good restaurants in the island but again it worth…

You will able to find most of Venetian sea food in the restaurant. We also recommend you to give a try to “Risotto di Go”. It is also special of Trattoria da Romano. Many famous people of Italy has chose this restaurant to have a dinner.

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Trattoria da Romano is located in the city center.

Antica Gastronomia Rosso (Good for lunch and breakfast.)

Antica Gastronomia Rosso

If you would like to have lunch in Burano, you can visit Antica Gastronomia Rosso. It is quite a good place with awesome foods. Their foods are very suitable for lunch. Concept of the location are very good as well. There are fresh sea foods from Italian cuisine and many other good fast food products in the location. They are preparing all foods themselves and all are homemade foods. The prices can be a little bit high but this place is one of Burano Restaurants that you should visit for a lunch.

Riva Rosa (Good for dinner.)

Burano Restaurants: Riva Rosa
Riva Rosa

If you would like to have a good dinner experience with Italian cuisine. Riva Rosa is also one of those Burano restaurants that you should visit. You will find the best Italian wines, fresh sea foods, home made pasta and bread in the restaurant. Since the restaurant has too many visitors, you will want to reserve your food and seat before your arrival. Otherwise it is possible that you won’t able to find an empty place to have a dinner in Riva Rosa. Prices are also a little bit high in Riva Rosa too. We believe that it worth for this restaurant too.

Trattoria Al Gatto Nero (Good for dinner.)

Trattoria Al Gatto Nero

Trattoria Al Gatto Nero is a good restaurant which has also included in our things to do list for Burano. You can visit the restaurant for having a good dinner. You will find multiple good sea foods from Italian cuisine. Especially we liked the sea food pasta and also Risotto Nero there. We also recommend the special food which is called Risotto Romano.

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Girani Caffè Venezia (Good for breakfast.)

Burano Restaurants: Girani Caffè Venezia

Girani Caffè Venezia is one of Burano restaurants which will provide a good breakfast service to you. The cafe already got many good reviews from their clients. You can visit this location to have breakfast for reasonable price. You can also visit this location for have a drink or a special Italian coffee.