Burano Lace Museum

It was a lace school in the past, now it is a museum... Museo del Merletto...

Burano Lace Museum was a Lace School.

Lace is one of the most important product of the island and there are many shops in the city which are selling those items. Burano Lace Museum (also known as Museo del Merletto) is a good location which you can learn about the history of this world-wide famous products and how did it come today. You will able to see some arts from the history here.

History of Burano Lace Museum

The current museum building has built for Lace School in the 19th century. Burano Lace School became popular after a few years since they have crafted excellent items. The school has been built because rise the Venetian laces again in the country. However they have done more than they have imagined. Despite of calling it as Venetian lace, people preferred to call their products as Burano Lace. The school was also one of facts which made the Burano Lace world-wide popular. However the school has shut down in 1970 and closed to public entrance. Since locals of the city interested with laces since 15th century, they did go on to produce handmade lace items which are decorative for houses, offices, clothes, etc… They protected the heritage of the island and the reputation of their craft. Now lace shops in Burano are selling those items to different countries of the world and also tourists who are visiting the island.

In 2011, school re-opened as museum and it has restored by Italian governors. It is now managed by Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

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Architecture of Museum

The museum is a typical 19th century Venetian house. It is easy to see the simple Venetian architecture in the museum when you compare it with other old buildings of the island. There are 4 large doors of the building and 5 windows in the second floor. The building restored only one time in the history.


The location of Burano Lace Museum is in the city center. There are many cafes, linens and clothing stores nearby of the museum. If you will visit the island, this is one of those must see locations. There is also a lace shop located near of the museum which is called Laces by Olga. If you are interested with shopping, you can see many handmade lace designs in this location.