Burano Hotels: 4 Accommodations That You will Enjoy Your Stay


If you are going to have your vacation in Burano Island and if you are looking for a hotel that you will enjoy your stay, this ranking is going to provide the best hotel rankings for you. If you would like to make suggestions to our users, please don’t hesitate to do that. Here is the list of best Burano hotels in the island.

Burano hotels and rental apartments for vacation

Our best Burano hotels ranking has been made a couple of days after we investigated hotels and all client reviews about them by our staff.

1Casa Burano Hotel

Casa Burano Hotel

Casa Burano Hotel is the most popular accommodation option of the island. The hotel is providing good organizations and tours for their customers which you will enjoy your stay in the island. You will able to join those tours. Building of the hotel is similar with any other houses in the island. So you will able to stay one of those colorful houses. There are exciting voga, boat and photography tours of the hotel. When it is compared with other hotels in the island, Casa Burano is offering very different and exciting hotel stay and attractions to you.

The hotel is the only 5-stars accommodation in Burano. The location of Casa is very good and it is close to the center of the island. Buildings are also located in quite places of the island. When you need to rest, your room will be available for that.

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2Tiffanny Home

Tiffany Home

Tiffany Home is a rental apartment more than a hotel. So you are going to be free to do things (except the rules and agreement terms) in the apartment. The home located near of a canal and south west of the island. It will take a few minutes to reach to the island center with walking. The home is well decorated and designed by the owner Quintavalle family. The location of the home is also very good if you would like to rest in a quite place of island. If you can’t afford fees of Casa, you can think about here alternatively.

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Apartments are quite clean and decorative. We really liked that. You will able to book those homes with calling the owner of the home.

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3Laguna Blu

Laguna Blu

Laguna Blu is awesome hotel that you will able to stay near one of those canals. The hotel doesn’t provide any attraction to you as same as Casa however it is providing a good breakfast, more reasonable fees and better location to stay. Laguna Blu is located in the heart of the island. There are many cafes, restaurants and shops nearby.

Laguna Blu is also another famous hotel in the island where has more reasonable fees than other hotels. There are restuarants and shops which are close to the hotel.

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4Fisherman’s House Burano

Ferienhaus Burano

Fisherman’s House (also known as Ferienhaus Burano) is located south east of the island. You will able to contact to the owner of the house through an Austrian phone since he is living in Austria. The home is also looking like other apartments of Burano. You can book whole house with a reasonable fee. There are also discounts for those who wants to stay more than a week.

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These are best Burano hotels in the island. There are also other hotels in the island. However we recommend you to check other hotels at nearby islands or cities instead of staying those locations.

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