Band-e Amir National Park

band e amir national park

Band-e Amir National Park is famous foreign and local tourist destination of Afghanistan. It is close to Bamyan, Panjab and Behsud cities of the country. There are good locations which you can discover in the natural park. It is famous with beautiful landscapes and it is a good location for photography. There are also several places to stay in the national park.

The past rulers of Afghanistan has worked much on this region to make it a national park. However Afghanistan could manage to declare it as a national park in 2009. The park didn’t get damaged during the civil war Afghanistan. This is one of the locations that you should visit if you are planning to visit Bamiyan.

You can visit these lakes to see heavenly beauty of the lakes and nature.

Lakes of Band-e Amir National Park

There are 6 lakes of the national park. Each lakes have different names:

  • Band-e Zulfiqar
  • Band-e Panir
  • Band-e Gholaman
  • Band-e Qambar
  • Band-e Pudina
  • Band-e Haibat

Hazara people of Afghanistan follows the Shia branch of Islam who are following the path of Caliph Ali. They have named some lake names for paying tribute to Ali’s memorial.

Band-e Zulfiqar

Band-e Zulfiqar means Lake of Zulfiqar in English. Zulfiqar was sword of 4th Islamic Caliph Ali which is very popular with two points at the head part of the sword. The lake is standing north of the lake area of Band-e Amir National Park.

Band-e Panir (Band-e Paner)

Band-e Panir is located in the north-west side in the lake region of the park. The lake’s name means cheese in English language. Many visitors have good feedback about Band-e Paner. It will be worth to visit if you ever visit Afghanistan.

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Band-e Gholaman (Band-e Ghulaman)

The name of this lake means lake of Slaves. It is located in the far west of lake region. There are many beautiful landscapes in there as well.

Band-e Qambar

Qambar means Ali’s salve in the local language of Afghanistan. It is one of 6 lakes of this natural park. It is located south-west part of the lake region.

Band-e Pudina

Band-e Pudina located in the north-east of the region. There are also many good heavenly natural landscapes here. You should visit this location if you ever decide to travel to Band-e Amir National Park.

Band-e Haibat

Band-e Haibat is a lake located in the center of the lake area. There is also a small island in the lake which makes the landscape perfect for photographers. It is one of lakes that you should certainly visit in the park.

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Where to Stay in Band-e Amir National Park

If you would like to stay in Band-e Amir National Park, there are some opportunities for you. You will able to stay in some hotels in the park. You can find a list of these accommodation options below:

Qal’ej Far

This accommodation opportunity is located south of the park. You can find rooms to stay in this location. However we recommend you to call this location first.

Band-e Amir Camping Area

If you would like to pitch a tent in this beautiful location, there is a camping area where is located north of lake region. Camping area is protected by rangers of the park. This will be exciting and safe experience for you.

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Dahanebagh is a lodge in Band-e Amir lake area. If you would like to rent a room, you can contact to lodge and save your room before your arrival.

How to Travel Band-e Amir National Park

There are several cities where are close to national park. However the best opportunity is Bamiyan for you. You can also visit some good places of Bamiyan before your arrival to natural park. (We recommend you to see Buddhas of Bamiyan, Shahr-e Zohak and Shahr-e Gholghola. There are flights to Bamiyan from the large cities of Afghanistan. After you arrive to the city, you can take a taxi to get into the location. Alternatively you can rent a car or hire a driver or get on the bus.

If you are planning to stay in this location, we recommend you to call the hotels which we provided above. Or don’t forget your tents!