Baaqe Saraaj

One of the most beautiful locations of Laghman.

Baaqe Saraaj

Baaqe Saraaj (Pashto: باغ سراج) is one of beautiful gardens of Afghanistan. It is also a kind of a botanic garden with different kind of plants and trees. The garden is located in Mihtarlam City of Afghanistan. If you will visit Laghman or Mihtarlam, this is one of must see locations of the area. So we recommend it.

History of Baaqe Saraaj

The garden has built in the reign of Habibullah Khan at the end of 19th century. It is said there was also a castle in the region. However it is destroyed and sacked during the war times of Afghanistan. Now Afghan government is restoring the castle in the location.

We haven’t seen any ruins of the castle in the location, however we can tell that it is one of the most beautiful and natural place in the area. You are going to love it if you love the nature.


The location is generally getting local tourists from Afghanistan. However there are also tourists who are coming from Pakistan and India to the location. The downside of the location is that there is not much hotels and places to stay in the area. Jalalabad is close to Mihtarlam, so you can look for an accommodation option there.

Baaqe Saraaj is the best garden that you can visit in Afghanistan. There is not much information about the history of the palace but it is older than a century at the moment.

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How to Travel Baaqe Saraaj

The closest location to the garden is Mihtarlam. If you are quite far from Mihtarlam, you can go to Jalalabad with a flight and visit the Mihtarlam through a bus or taxi. From Mihtarlam, you can ask a taxi to take you to the famous garden. This is how you can visit this beautiful location.

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