Top Attractions in Puli Alam

Puli Alam is the 19th largest city of Afghanistan and there are some attractions in the city. The city is located in the Logar province. So you can find alternative things to do at nearby cities too. We are going to provide top attractions in Puli Alam in the listing below.

Top Attractions in Puli Alam

You can find some good restaurants & shops where are located in the city. There are also large malls and business locations. You can get more information about those locations in Colombius. Please also don’t forget to make suggestions to improve this article. You can comment this page to make suggestions, you can also send us images.

1Alfalah Restaurant

Alfalah Restaurant is located near of Kabul-Logar Highway. If you are interested with Afghan foods. This can be a good step for you. Alfalah Restaurant is open 24 hours.

You can go to the Alfalah Restaurant anytime in a day and taste the Afghan cuisine. Alfalah is one of the most famous restaurants in the region.

2Restaurant in Volayat

Restaurant in Volayat, Puli Alam

Restaurant in Volayat is located near of Kabul-Logar Highway as well. There are traditional Afghan foods in this location.

Restaurant in Volayat is another popular location to ear Afghan foods. We recommend you to have a guide in the city to get more information about foods because you are not going to find any English speakers there.

3Logar Market

Logar Market, Puli Alam

The market is located near of Kabul Bank and Bank-e-Millie Afghan. If you would like to have shopping in the city, you can prefer this market. It is located in the city centre.

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Logar Market is one of the largest shopping destinations of Puli Alam. If you need shopping, you can visit the market. There are also alternative shopping centres near the market. You can also visit those alternatives. You can find some of them below.

4Shopping Mall in Volayat

It is the largest shopping location in Puli Alam. It is also located just near of the market which we mentioned above in city centre. You are going to find many other largeĀ  and small shops nearby of the Mall. So this is a good place to visit if you would like to have shopping.

Shopping Mall is the location that you will find what you need in shopping. So we recommend you to visit this destination if you ever need shopping.

5Volayat Business Centre

Volayat Business Centre is also nearby location to Shopping Mall and Logar Market. There are many shops in the location. You can find several good, natural and national items of Afghanistan in the Centre. This will be a good place for you to visit.

If you are looking for place to stay in the city, there are not much alternatives for you. You can see all hotels and accommodations in the list that we prepared for our readers.


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