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Editor Picks for Asia Tourist Destinations

There are many good cities and countries to visit in Asia. However some of them are special for us. We picked some destinations for you. Those are some destinations, landscapes, historical buildings and top attractions in the list below. We hope that you are going to like it.

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Latest Journeys in Asia

Best Hospitals in Dubai

Best 5 Hospitals in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world's commerce centers. There are many ex-pats in this city. We will introduce the best 5 hospitals in Dubai and Dubai Healthcare City on this page for you. We...

Top 5 Places to Visit in Ghazni

Ghazni is a city of Afghanistan where is also known as Ghazna in the past. The name of the city is coming from a Turkish dynasty that is called Ghaznavids. The population of the...
Yakavlang 5


Yakawlang is a town in Bamyan province. The town was one of the largest cities in the region in the past. However, after the civil war, the city got damaged seriously. The city is...
band e amir national park

Band-e Amir National Park

Band-e Amir National Park is famous foreign and local tourist destination of Afghanistan. It is close to Bamyan, Panjab and Behsud cities of the country. There are good locations which you can discover in...
Zahak (Shahr-e Zuhak) Ruins

Shahr-e Zuhak

Shahr-e Zuhak (Zahak Historical Site) is another ruins where is located in Bamiyan city. In 13th century the city has destroyed by angry Mongol army of Cenghis Khan. The city was under the control...
Shahr-e Gholghola 1

Shahr-e Gholghola

Shahr-e Gholghola was one of the largest cities of Afghanistan in 13th century. The city name means City of Screams in English. Scientists are thinking that this name given to to the city after...
Buddhas of Bamiyan

Buddhas of Bamiyan

Buddhas of Bamiyan are historical Buddhist statue in Bamyan city of Afghanistan. They are the largest Buddha carving in the world. Statues has built in the years 500s. Exact building date of the statue...
Buddhas of Bamiyan

Top 8 Places to Visit in Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Bamiyan is one of the known tourist destinations of Afghanistan which is especially getting many Buddhist visitors. The city has many historical and natural beauties inside and outside of the city. We are going...
Nuristan Forest National Reserve 8

Nuristan Forest

Nuristan Forest is the largest nature preserve in Central Asia and Afghanistan. The forest starts from the west of Kabul and it ends at the border of Pakistan. It determines the Afghanistan-Pakistan borders in...
Alishing River Shores

Alishing River Shores

Alishing River is one of the best landscape destinations near Mihtarlam. The river gives life to the arid lands of the country. The river starts from the Nuristan Forest and it is getting united...

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