Alishing River Shores

Alishing River Shores

Alishing River is one of the best landscape destinations near Mihtarlam. The river gives life to the arid lands of the country. The river starts from the Nuristan Forest and it is getting united with Kabul River near Mihtarlam. If you would like to see a beautiful landscape of the country, this river is going to be a perfect choice for you. It is especially providing a unique beauty to one of the most historic and beautiful regions of Mihtarlam: Baaqe Saraaj.

Where is Alishing River Shores?

You can visit multiple places to reach the shores of the river. Especially it has a very beautiful landscape in Nuristan Forest. However, Nuristan Forest National Reserve still includes wildlife inside. So if you would prefer to visit the shores of the river, we recommend you to be careful and take your equipment before visit this location.

Alternatively, Mihtarlam is going to be an awesome place for you to see the shores of the river. As we have mentioned above, Baaqe Saraaj is one of those locations where you should visit. You are going to have a good time there. We have listed this location as one of the must-see places in the Mihtarlam region.

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How to Travel Alishing River?

You will need to visit Mihtarlam in Afghanistan, to travel the shores of this river. Then you will able to get this location easily. If you will want to visit the shores near Nuristan Forest, you will need to rent a car. We recommend you not to camp in this location though. You won’t able to use your phones and other devices for communication there. This can be a little bit troublesome because the wildlife still exists there. If you have any questions regarding to travelling Alishing river, please feel free to ask us.

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