Afghan Turk Masjid in Sheberghan

Afghan Turk Masjid is one of largest mosques in Afghanistan.

Afghan Turk Masjid Review

Afghan Turk Masjid is one of the most beautiful buildings of Jowzjan province of Afghanistan. The mosque has built with the help of citizens of Turkey. It also got many good reviews for local people of Afghanistan. Some people has pointed the mosque as the best masjid in Afghanistan. It is one of the must see places of Sheberghan at the moment.

History of Afghan Turk Masjid

The construction of the building has started in 2016 and it has completed in two years. The mosque has been made by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency. The mosque’s architecture has been taken from Ottomans. The construction has completed in 2018 and it is available for service at the moment.

Due to friendship between Afghan and Turkish people, the mosque named as Afghan Turk Masjid. Tukey and Afghanistan flags are waving at the top of the mosque side by sie. Now there are too many local tourists are visiting the building and many people also viting the location for prayer.


The mosque has 2 minarets and 2500 capacity at the moment. There are 24 shops around of the masjid. There are also 90 domes in the mosque. The mosque has signs of Turk-Islam architecture and it is making this building special in the region with modern looking and different style.

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How to Travel to Afghan Turk Masjid

If you are living far from Sheberghan, you can fly to Mazari Sharif and reach to the city through a car or a bus. Unfortunately it is not easy to find a flight to the city at the moment. After you reach to the city, you will able to find the mosque in the city center.

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Things You Should be Careful in the Mosque

  • Since it is a holy place of Muslims, they will ask you to follow their rules. Otherwise you can’t enter a mosque.
  • If you are not a Muslim, we recommend you to have an Afghan or a Muslim guide to enter the location.


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